The Quilt

The Quilt

Højde: 14 cm

Sleep my child and peace... peace... Covered in love and keep... keep...

En sød figur der kan symbolisere freden hos det sovende barn og både mor eller bedstemor - beskyttende varm omsorg og kærlighed.


“I was thinking about metaphors of quilts. A lot about protection. A quilt makes us feel safe and warm. The rows of even stitching showing the passing of time, a meditative rhythm — like quieting and rocking a child. It takes time and patience. I wanted the quilt and the rocking to be one. The sentiment reveals this rhythm also — lullabies don’t have to make literal sense ... but the cadence of the words is lyrical and soothing. The warmth and coziness of a sleeping child — the tender connection — these quiet memories exist in anyone who has ever rocked a child in their arms.”


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